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Living the dream is a comedy series about creative women in their 40’s living the dream in Hollywood California – one disappointment at a time…

A web series comedy about mommies, acting, auditions and more. It’s an honest, comically ironic look at what it’s like to try and stay creative while focusing on life and the pursuit of happiness…Marissa, Andi and Sara are doing their best to break out of their daily routine to party in LA like it’s 1999, except it’s 2015 in hipsterville. “These besties are discovering who they are and where they belong – one disappointment at a time,”

Written by
Monica Torres

Directed by Beth Dewey

Starring –
Sabrina Hill
Laura Pursell
Monica Torres
David Carrera
David S. Jung
Michael Halpin
Sunita Param
Lola Carrera
Madison Sabato

Produced by –
Ethen Muro
Justo Diaz
Monica Torres