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We had a blast making Shadowlands and as we get closer to our official launch of the series, we wanted to share with you some pictures and introduce you to some of the key players that made Shadowlands happen:

Beth Dewey and Jeneta St. Clair Rehearsing

Director Beth Dewey (@bethdewey) and actress Jeneta St. Clair (@JenetaBaby) rehearsing a scene (from our Shadowlands Twitter Feed).


Actor Justin Jones Rehearsing

Actor Justin Jones (@MrJustinJones) perfecting his comic timing at a rehearsal for a Shadowlands scene (also from our Shadowlands Twitter Feed).


Jess Adams and DP Paul Mocey-Hanson on Set

Actress Jess Adams (@THEJessAdams) and DP Paul Mocey-Hanson on the Shadowlands set (from the Shadowlands Instagram account).


Filming Shadowlands in Death Valley, CA

Filming in Death Valley, CA (from the Shadowlands Twitter Feed).


Shadowlands Wardrobe Designer Tamar Michelle

Wardrobe designer Tamar Michelle (@tamar_michelle) prepping wardrobes for the shoot (from the Shadowlands Facebook Page).


Music Director Shepherd Stevenson with Christian Stone

Music Director Shepherd Stevenson (@shepherd_s) visits the set and has a serious moment with Christian Stone (@christiandstone).  This is from the Shadowlands Facebook Page.


Allyssa James and Christian Stone on Set

Allyssa James (@THEAlyssaJames) and Christian Stone (@christiandstone) on the set in Death Valley (from the Shadowlands Twitter Feed).